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Golf Clubs and Country Clubs

Golf clubs and country clubs come with their own long list of benefits for the couples who decide to choose to have a wedding ceremony at one. In the Sacramento region, there are well over a dozen different golf clubs to consider when choosing your venue. While this list is heavy on advantages for consideration when choosing this type of venue there are a few drawbacks that will be discussed.

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Advantages of Golf and Country Club Weddings

Without a doubt, one distinct advantage to renting space at one of these venues, in general, is that they come with absolutely beautiful landscape. Golf clubs seem to all have lush green rolling hills often with water features such as waterfalls, ponds, and or streams. This magnificent landscape is easily accessed on your wedding day with the use of the many golf carts available on site. This access to golf carts means that you're able to be photographed in impressive locations on your wedding day yet you'll spend very little time traveling to these locations as the carts can get you to and from these sites quickly.

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Many of these Sacramento golf clubs come with buildings that have impressive architecture. The combination of beautiful landscape and dramatic structures make for an impressive venue. Additionally, these clubs typically have beautiful ceremony sites as well, again with impressive landscapes and structures.

In addition to a beautiful outside appearance, golf clubs and country clubs are easily able to hold ceremonies inside should the weather take a turn. These venues are used to handling large events on a constant basis throughout the wedding season this means that they have a regular staff that works together weekly. This consistency in staff is helpful in making sure that your event runs smoothly. These venues typically have their own rentals such as tables, chairs, linen, flatware, and glassware to name a few items. Having their own rentals helps make for one less thing that couples need to worry about when planning their wedding day.

Golf clubs and country clubs also usually have a list of preferred vendors who have worked at the venue often enough to ensure that your wedding will run smoothly. An example of this might be photographers who understand their role in maintaining the wedding day timeline. Maintaining such a timeline ensures that catering/dinner and your events all stay on time. These lists help to make hiring vendors such as your photographer for your wedding that much easier as you know the venue has already worked with these people and approve of them.

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Couples can easily see that there are many benefits to holding your event at a golf club or country club in the Sacramento area. The list of drawbacks to holding your event at this type of venue is a short one but may include these few items. Because golf clubs and country clubs do so many large events it's possible that couples may feel that their event is just one more in a long list of events. I mentioned that this is possible but a good site coordinator can easily make each couple feel special about their event.

Another possible disadvantage is that golf clubs cater to golfers and because of this many times there are rules and restrictions as to where wedding photographers, couples, and their guests can have access to on the wedding day. A final thought for holding your event at a golf club or country club might be that these venues, in general, might be stricter about the event timeline. This means that if an important guest is late to your ceremony they may in fact miss it. Larger venues might be less inclined to allow you to hold up the start of your ceremony to wait for guests or to allow you extra time if your reception events run late.

Benefits Outweigh Shortcomings

Most couples can see that the benefits of having a wedding at a golf course or country club far outweigh any possible limitations of holding their event at this type of venue. I've added a list of some of our favorite Sacramento golf clubs and country clubs for consideration along with a brief sentence or two about what makes them unique.

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Auburn, CA - Sierra Foothills

Beginning in the foothills region of Interstate 80 are three of our favorites are the Winchester Country Club, The Ridge, Auburn Valley Golf & Event Center.

The Winchester Country Club located in Meadow Vista California is perhaps one of the most impressive golf clubs in the Sacramento region. Surrounded by million-dollar homes the country club has an impressive course that flows through the foothills. Spectacular views abound at this venue.

The Ridge Golf Club located in Auburn California also has some of the same spectacular views of the foothills. The club is located on top of a hill overlooking the golf course. This offers your guests a spectacular view as they eat their dinner.

Auburn Valley Golf Club offers much of the same type of amenities as the previous two clubs and it's perfect for cost-conscious couples.

Rocklin, Roseville & Lincoln, CA

The Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln area is home to a number of wonderful golf courses. The first that comes to mind is Orchard Creek Lodge. Located near Highway 65, Orchard Creek Lodge has an impressive outdoor amphitheater ceremony site as well as a number of sprawling waterfalls in the background. Receptions are usually held inside of their spacious ballroom.

Also located in Lincoln, CA is another favorite, Catta Verdera Country Club. Along with beautiful landscaping, Catta Verdera boasts a 30,000-square-foot Santa Barbara mission-style structure making this venue one of our favorite places at which to photograph.

Morgan Creek Country Club and Whitney Oaks Golf Club are both located in Roseville, Ca and offer many of the same amenities.

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Granite Bay, CA

Just outside of the Rocklin/Roseville area is the Granite Bay Country Club. Styled in a manner that is suggestive of an old European estate, the clubhouse has a newly refurbished ballroom that offers striking views of the mature Oak trees located on the property. The Granite Bay Country Club proudly advertises to the LGBT community.

Sacramento, CA

Nearest to downtown Sacramento is the Arden Hills Athletic & Social Club. With luxurious amenities, the Arden Hills Country Club can offer a number of different sized ceremony sites. The venue boasts tennis courts, pools, and a spa and has an on-site bed and breakfast accommodations located in “The Villas”. The Villas is an impressive building that houses a honeymoon suite and five additional bedrooms make getting married at this country club a unique experience.

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Along with many other golf clubs in Sacramento is The Pavillion at Haggin Oaks. This venue offers indoor and outdoor spaces to provide year-round wedding venue options.

El Dorado Hills, CA

One of our favorite venues located on the Hwy 50 side of the foothills is the Serrano Country Club located at 5005 Serrano Parkway, El Dorado Hills. The Serrano Country Club offers an impressive 18-hole Golf Course as a backdrop to their wedding ceremony site. With spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada, Mount Diablo, and Folsom Lake, wedding couples can't go wrong when picking this venue.

These are just a few of our favorite golf clubs and country clubs at which to photograph weddings located in the Sacramento region. The clubs mentioned here are in no way meant to be a complete list of all that is available to couples wanting to get married in the Sacramento area. Interview wisely, schedule a site tour, and ask tough questions. We recommend these businesses but can offer no guarantee on performance, operation or practices.

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