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Sacramento has two large local colleges, the University of California Davis and California State University Sacramento at which many couples may choose to marry. The reasons to choose a college as your wedding venue may vary. Often times it's as simple as the couple met and dated while attending the same college. In these cases, the college may hold exceptional sentimental value for each couple. The couple’s stories usually are different but may include common themes such as their first date has been a school football game, the couple taking the same class together, or having a group of mutual friends. Many colleges offer alumni the benefit of increased access to their facilities. Colleges provide wonderful opportunities for photography.

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Both Sacramento State University and the University of California Davis offer a variety of buildings many with interesting and unique architecture. Along with a variety of buildings to choose from, both offer gardens at which photographs can be taken. The University of California at Davis also offers its Arboretum and Public Garden for rental as the perfect outdoor ceremony site. Couples would just need to contact Campus Events Services to book a date.

As previously touched upon, colleges and schools can hold tremendous sentimental value for couples as so much time has usually been spent together at these institutions. The stories of meeting and a couple’s relationship growing are often relaid to us as Sacramento wedding photographers. Its these stories and the love and affection expressed that we as photographers work to capture in our images. To emphasize this point, below is one of these stories:

Robin & Will, How did you meet?

Robin: It was sophomore year at Stanford. I was getting out of a relationship. One day as I was walking in my dorm I saw this gorgeous guy at the end of the hall. I ran to my room and asked my roommate Kerrie who that was. She responded, "Will? He's lovely. But you don't want to date him, he's too nice." I said, "He's beautiful! Please introduce us!"

Will: You were "getting out of a relationship"? Last I heard Kerrie convinced you to dump your boyfriend.

Robin: OK, well yes. She convinced me to dump my boyfriend, then tried to set me up with these varsity athletes she knew. But I saw you down the hall and was SMITTEN.

Will: So the very next day Kerrie tried to set Robin up with me. Robin: It was so awkward! It was clearly a set-up with an audience of a dozen girls at a tea party! Kerrie texted Will in the middle to ask if he thought I was cute. That's when I left. Then, Will invited me to a dance class and a party with a huge group of people, and couldn't talk to me for more than 2 minutes. So I started dating a bunch of other guys. While I was dating, I kept thinking back to how cute you were. So I found your phone number and asked you out to dinner!

Will: We met up at the dining hall, of all places.

Robin: I made a bunch of bad jokes about engineers and told you my dad was still hoping I'd be a lesbian. I don't remember you saying anything the whole dinner.

Will: I'm sure I did! Well, we had to leave early to make class. I asked you to dessert after class was over. So a few hours later we met up at the Coffee House on campus for hot chocolate and sweets. We spent all night talking until they kicked us out.

Robin: It was wonderful! But then right as the date ended, he gave me a very stiff hug and walked away. So I thought he wasn't interested.

Will: It was not a stiff hug! I'm just from Ohio -- we're not super forward.

Robin: Well it was a very mixed message. Anyways, I got super sick and lost my voice the next week. That weekend, Will texted me asking if he could come see me. I told him I was sick. He came anyways, read to me, patted my head, and at the end of the night kissed me. It was like fireworks! I called my mom and told her I'd found the man I was getting married to.

Will: It was a pretty good kiss. Hard to believe that was nine years ago! I love you so much.

Can you describe the moment that you knew that they were 'The One'? Make this fun and answer this together!

Robin: Ha! I knew after our first kiss. It was fireworks! Later on, Will told me "It was a good kiss, nothing amazing." So I think it was different for him. I fell head over heels immediately. I could not ask for someone who more enthusiastically embraces a fun, hectic life. 6 months after we got together, we had a 15 month period where we were living in Europe and in the same place for only 3 months. Then I worked and traveled Mon-Thurs for 3 years. Then business school. Then his mom got sick. Will has always embraced the time we are together, and celebrated that we had opportunities to travel and work, even when we're apart. We've never been jealous. Throughout all that time, I knew he was the one.

Will: Well, I'll admit -- I didn't fall instantaneously in love like Robin. Certainly I knew she was something special, but I'll blame my reluctance on my recently failed romance. It was a few weeks later, as we were sitting in her dorm room, when I let myself believe that I was in love again and told her. It's been an incredible journey since then. I knew when, time after time, we came back from being apart during college that we had something special. Particularly after 2 months of exploring South America, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

We have probably heard the story, but, we'd like to hear it again! How did the proposal happen?

Robin: Initially I didn't want to get married. We were super happy. Then we went to a bunch of weddings and thought, "wow, these are FUN! SO MUCH DANCING!" Will would start these little list of wedding "Do's" and "Don'ts" and we'd laugh about our wedding. Then we decided, why not? Maybe let's get married sometime. On the logistical side, we'd always planned to have a baby before I was 30, and I wanted 4 before 40.

Will: 4?!?!?!?

Robin: Will and I decided we were ready to have a baby. Will and I exchanged letters -- he wrote me a letter reflecting on our relationship and what it meant to be a parent. I made him an Excel document with a pregnancy schedule.

Will: I'm still waiting for my romantic letter! We called Robin's dad to tell him we were ready to be parents, and he said, "WHEN IS THE WEDDING?" So he booked us the venue, contacted Debbie, and got the ball rolling!

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While only listing a few options Sacramento has more than enough choices for even the most discerning couples. Interview wisely and ask tough questions. We recommend reaching out to your college for your wedding venue, but can offer no guarantee with operations or practices.

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