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Backyard Weddings

Backyard Weddings

“You can journey to the ends of the earth in search of success,

but if you’re lucky, you will discover happiness in your own backyard.”

-Russell Conwell

The term backyard wedding can mean different things to different people. The reason for this is that a backyard wedding allows you the ultimate freedom to do and plan whatever you would like for your wedding day experience. As photographers in Sacramento, we have seen and photographed it all. Let explore five characteristics of a backyard wedding.

Backyard Wedding on Pond

The Wedding Date

One of the most important advantages of a backyard wedding is the availability of the venue. That is to say, most backyards are available for your event whenever you would like. This is especially true if it is your own backyard. This means not having to worry about losing your venue to another bride because you haven’t put down a deposit quickly enough or by other limiting factors that a commercial venue might choose to impose.

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The Sentimental or Convenience Factor

The sentimental or convenience factor of a backyard wedding can be simply expressed as often the backyard has some deeper meaning to the bride or the groom or even both. An example might be that the backyard was where one of the individuals may have played in their youth. Perhaps the backyard is that of a grandparent or beloved family member. Image how special wedding day pictures could be if photographed in a special location such as one’s childhood swing?

Even if the backyard didn’t have a special connection to the couple as just shown, there is the convenience factor that the backyard provides. This could simply be that the location of the backyard is a location that friends and guests are familiar with and that can easily accessible for those traveling into town.

Backyard Wedding Options


A backyard wedding usually allows couples unrestrained freedom that a commercial venue may not allow. This might be simply that backyard weddings allow you to plan outdoor games. As photographers, we’ve seen numerous different types of games being played and enjoyed at weddings such as corn-hole and Jenga to drinking games like beer pong.

Backyard weddings also allow you the ability to easily include your furry pets in your ceremony, perhaps even as the ring bearer. With a back yard wedding, you have total control over your space. The freedom to decorate where and how you wish and the freedom to enjoy your wedding at your own pace. With no strict time limit on when your wedding must start or when it must end.

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Your Wedding will be Unique

With a backyard wedding, your wedding will be one of a kind. This means that your wedding day pictures will also be unique. You will have images and memories that are strictly yours and not just like every other couple who recently got married at the same commercial site, it can be as simple or as extravagant as you decide. It can be a true DYI rustic wedding or an elaborate affair with valet and exorbitant catering.

The choice will be yours. Even your food will be unique as most venue catering have a somewhat restricted menu and a list of their own preferred vendors. Some venues even charge extra if you choose to hire a caterer which is not included on their vendor list. Food trucks are even beginning to show up at many backyard weddings as they allow great food which can be conveniently severed on-site at a reasonable expense.

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While not the only reason couples choose to have their weddings in a backyard cost often factors in. With a backyard wedding, couples have eliminated the cost of renting a venue space. This cost-saving can allow couples to save money which can then be spent in other areas.

The cost savings might be spent on the properties landscaping. A benefit that lasts well beyond the date of the wedding. Perhaps the saving might be used to help fund a couple’s honeymoon or even the purchase of a new home in which the couple could start their married lives. Eliminating the cost of the venue can allow couples to spend their money in areas that perhaps they value more.

Having photographed well over five hundred Sacramento weddings, we’ve seen the full gamut of what a backyard wedding can be. Whether extravagant or simple all the weddings have been unique, often very intimate affairs. Each special in its very individual way.

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